Pacific Bridge is a premier global education company based in Suzhou, China. We are a team of Chinese and Americans with extensive experience in international education. With a foundation built upon innovative strategy, global partnerships, and a wealth of industry knowledge, we offer unparalleled opportunities for educators, schools, and training centers. Using our extensive network, our goal is to identify and place ESL and subject teachers at schools across China. We primarily focus on recruiting talent from the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand. Using our unique recruitment platform and proprietary evaluation system, we are able to provide schools with high-quality, experienced teachers.

We offer a boutique, personalized approach to our clients. Teachers receive unparalleled support such as relocation assistance, language exchange and cultural immersion opportunities. We understand that moving to China can be daunting, and we will be there to provide support every step of the way. For schools and training centers, we work closely to understand the needs of each position and ensure that the teachers we place are among the best in the industry.

Industry Experts

Our leadership team has decades of experience working in the international education sector. With teams in both North America and China, we use our extensive network to connect high-potential educators with elite schools.

Comprehensive Support

Our goal is to create rewarding experiences for both teachers and institutions. We offer world-class support and will respond to any inquiry within 24 hours.

Focusing on What Matters

The most important part of our work is your happiness. From our individualized support to professional development opportunities, our process prioritizes what matters to you to create a unique, fulfilling journey.